[intense_lead]Have you ever been perving on the pictures and videos from a friend’s or acquaintance’s social media page and thought to yourself, “I really wish there was porn version of this”? Well, then is the site for you![/intense_lead]

With over four thousand gorgeous models to choose from, has the added benefit of being able to favorite the best girls and not only get instant access to every single one of their pictures and videos, but you can also find out when they post new material or even request more content from the girls you really like. In short, if you love the way one girl looks or truly admire the mechanical skill of another’s work with toys, then you can surround yourself with those models, rather than going back to keyword searches like you would on other sites.
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One of best features of Twistys is your ability to actually follow your favorite producers as well as the models. If you like the way that a certain video is shot, the way the model is directed or even the type of content, then you simply add the person behind the camera to you favorites list and enjoy all of his or her stuff. While the vast majority of sites focus on the people in the frame, it’s really the ones who are behind the scenes that are directing your favorite actions and putting it in front of you to enjoy. Being able to follow that person opens up a whole new world of enjoyment in the pornographic arts.
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[intense_spacer height=”15″ /] has been going strong for ten years and they certainly have the content to prove it. With so much to do and see, you can easily find yourself spending hour upon hour simply going through the pages. The high quality content will give you a lot of enjoyment an provide a visual feast for your eyes while receiving a standing ovation from your… (ahem) other parts.
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2,000 000+ Photos | Daily Exclusive Updates | 4000+ Hot Models | 60,000+ Full Movies

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For the searchers, the keyword tagging system may be the best of any site out there. With concise terms that are always accurate, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to search through other places that offer walls of text that are often user generated and have nothing to do with the thing you’re looking at. Terms at twistys are limited to what the pictures and videos display and it’s simple. Search for what you want to see and that is what you’ll get. Just imagine that!
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– With over four thousand models, two million photos, sixty thousand videos and ten years’ worth of updates, it can take a while to find your absolute favorites. Especially when you try and skip through pages, because it only allows you to skip ahead or skip back a couple of pages at a time!

– With so much content, if you don’t favorite the material you like right away, it can be a chore to find it again.

– Another issue is when you browse the updates section. They have a collection that goes back to 2001 so paging through 1 or 2 screens of thumbnails at a time means you will probably never see a lot of what is great porn, simply because of time!
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– Not only can you favorite models, but you can favorite producers as well. Getting your fill of favorite content is a true pleasure.

– Content, content, content. The amount of content makes this site a veritable library of congress for porn, so you’ll never get bored.

– Every model is gorgeous and the videos are very well produced. No grainy video or shaky cams need apply.
[intense_hr type=”double” title=”Verdict 9.5/10″ title_background_color=”primary” title_color=”#fff” title_radius=”5″ icon_type=”repeat” icon_position=”right” icon_spin=”1″ /] is simply one of the best sites around. With tons of high quality content and an amazing favorite list system, you just can’t go wrong with the $9.99/month price tag. If you want to try it out, which you certainly should, spend one dollar for the two day trial membership. That’s right, one dollar for two days! Twistys clearly thinks you need more porn for your dollar, so why resist?!
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